Friday, May 29, 2009

Review of Bar Review

13 hours of class down this week plus ~24 hours studying, 7 hours of class to go tomorrow. A Saturday! That is more class tomorrow than I had in a whole week in my last semester of law school. Sigh. Going part-time last semester was both a blessing and a curse.

I already am feeling drained from bar classes. It reminds me of the workload of the first year of law school, but without the countervailing excitement about the newness of everything and first-year idealism. But so it goes. I am going to try to keep my self-loathing to a minimum, especially here, because I know 1) I am still lucky to even be where I am, 2) everyone is going through it, 3) I hate incessant whining.

So here is a list of things that have kept me going this week and will probably help me the rest of the summer:
  • The roommie. I am very lucky to have a roommate also taking the California bar. It is the buddy system. We keep each other going, we walk to class together, we keep each other accountable, we can vent to each other, we give each other looks when the BarBri lecturer says something stupid.
  • Gym + West Wing every morning at 8am. Great way to start off the day.
  • Snacks & Caffeine. The first day of our 1:45-5:45pm classes I almost fell asleep until I remembered I had pretzels in my bag. Every day since then I have packed fruit in my bag. The munching and natural sugars have kept me awake. And as much as I hate to do it, I am going back onto caffeine. 1 diet dr. pepper limit per day though. We made a costco run today to stock up.
  • Family, boyfriend, and friends. Thanks for giving me space when I need it and talk to me about non-law stuff.
  • 10pm TV programming. Housewives of NJ, Make Me a Supermodel, heck even NBA playoffs. Something to look forward to at night. The more mind-numbing, the better. We might break into our Gossip Girl Season 1 dvds soon.
  • Cooking. The benefit of afternoon classes, thus far at least, has been that I get to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home instead of being at school all day. Making a meal is so therapeutic.
  • My new bookshelf. It makes me feel grown-up and happy. It is part of my plan to make my apartment a grown-up apartment rather than a student one. It is already looking better.
  • Graduation pictures on facebook. People should post more up so I can take a break and peruse them.
That is it for now. I promise I will try to mix up my posts so they are not all about studying for the bar.

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