Sunday, April 26, 2009

USAC Anniversary

It is that time of the year again: USAC elections (aka student government elections at UCLA). The further out I am from UCLA, the less I know about what is going on and who is running. However, I recently received an email soliciting my party's alumni for donations. Despite my negative income, I decided to make a modest donation because I remember what it was like scrambling for cash to put on these multi-thousand dollar elections.

Yes, we spent that much. Bright blue tshirts, banners with four foot heads, tacos, otter pops, slap braclets. So much money, but really priceless memories. (cliche Mastercard commercial but true)

As dramaful as elections were at the time, and boy was there always a lot of drama, they also are amongst my fondest memories of UCLA because it was when I met so many people that I am closest with today.

Five years ago, I got roped into the whole student government scene and first met Helen. Four years ago Faithsalutes went from being my political foil (she was the incoming President of Bruin Repubs, I the outgoing President of Bruin Dems) to my political accomplice. Four years ago was when I first met David, well before I knew he would be crashing on my couch across the country. Four years ago I was part of the Dream Team with our crazy nicknames and rollercoaster year on council. And of course, four years ago is when Alex went from my running mate to signifcant other.


faithsalutes said...

I would go back and do it again. You forgot to mention...that is how Ryan and I met and also fell in love.

Joline said...

ah USAC. memories.

well put. i am glad to be done with it, but man, i'd do it again in an instant.