Monday, April 27, 2009

Law School Uniform

Winter: Black Pea Coat, jeans, black boots
Spring: Oxford Shirt-typically blue and/or with stripes, jeans, brown/tan loafers
Summer: Polo shirt, khaki shorts, leather flip flops

Come to law school during any of these seasons (I am counting now as summer since it is 92 degrees outside), and I would put money on the fact that you would see a majority of people wearing what I described above, myself included. Today I walked into my business associations class and I swear that I was matching at least half of the males in the class with my blue polo shirt, khaki shorts, and Rainbow sandals.

The funny thing is that I did not go out and buy clothes to conform to everyone else; these are the outfits I have been wearing even before I wanted to go to law school. It is like I found my home, in a living J.Crew advertisement or something. Whereas my friends in college, and probably even high school, teased me about my preppy clothes, I fit right in. Scarily so.

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