Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Nevermind, Just Kidding

UC San Diego admissions gaffe dashes students' hopes -- again
All 28,000 applicants who had been rejected received an e-mail congratulating them on their acceptance, only to receive another notification admitting there was a mistake
No, this was not an April Fool's Joke. UCSD really did accidentally send congratulations to thousands of students they actually rejected. The LA Times article reporting this also stated that "[s]chools such as Cornell University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Northwestern University's prestigious Kellogg School of Management have made similar admission notification blunders in the last five years."

They forgot another school . . . Berkeley's Boalt Law School. Oh, it only feels like yesterday when Berkeley's admissions office accidentally sent me, and my other compatriots at the beginning of the alphabet, an email welcoming admitted students only to find out weeks later that I had been rejected. I can empathize with these students about the emotional rollercoaster. The only comfort I can give them is that you will always have this funny story to look back on.

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