Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's the Stupid Economy

Thousands of law students check Above the Law, a website about law school and the legal profession. While it used to be more of a tabloid or gossip column, lately it has felt more like a legal obituary. Everyday the Layoff Watch chronicles hundreds of staff and lawyers losing jobs.

It is very sad, but today it felt like it really hit home. One of my good friends from school got a call yesterday from her firm telling her that they were pretty much rescinding all job offers from graduating law students. I would never wish job-loss on anyone, but I wonder why it had to happen to one of my nicest friends out of all the people at law school.

I still cannot get over the fact that all my friends who thought they had secure jobs are now losing them or having their start dates pushed back. A lot of people are afraid that later start dates will lead to more rescinded offers because it will just be easier to take the next incoming class. Then the Class of 2009 will become the forgotten year. And this does not even include the highly capable people who have had a difficult time getting classes at all. Sigh.

I feel really lucky to have my clerkship next year. *knock on wood*

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