Monday, March 09, 2009


"They say idle hands are the devil's tools. But this Lent, it may be texting thumbs doing the dirty work.

That's what some Roman Catholic bishops are telling the faithful, urging them to give up technology such as iPods and behavior such as text messaging until Easter." LA Times
While cutting oneself completely from technology may simply not be practical (I mean, even the Pope had to update his Youtube page), I do think it is a good idea to cut down. I stopped bringing my laptop to school, and I decided that I will not be bringing my laptop on my roadtrip down south. In full discretion though, I am temporarily lifting my ban on sweets and cheese. Before you pass judgment, I have enough reasons for myself to know I am not 'cheating.'

We are leaving Wednesday morning, but I will taking care of odds and ends tomorrow. So if I do not answer your emails, am not online, and do not blog, do not worry, I will be back on Saturday night and will take many pictures. I think it is only appropriate that I do not bring my laptop to the historic bed and breakfast (that I got a great deal on) where we are staying that was renovated after the "War Between States, also known as the War of Northern Aggression."

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