Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Replacements

Two weeks ago I sat in a room for fifteen hours with my journal's exec and editorial board to choose our successors.* Today I sent out the announcement to hire the Dean's Fellows to take my place. The process is always a little difficult because, in addition to being protective of your role, finding a replacement means that you are almost done and that it is time to move on.Where has this year gone? Where have the past three years gone?

The judge's current clerk told me it is even crazier in the courts, because by the time you start your clerkship, people are already sending in applications to replace you. I wonder when I will finally be in the point in my life where I am not writing cover letters and resumes or reviewing them.

*(This was one of those memorable experiences I would have blogged about had I had my laptop at the time)

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