Friday, January 02, 2009

A Pajama Day

The sun never came out today, which is a rare thing to happen in Southern California. In fact, I cannot remember the last time it was just gloomy all day without rain here. Yet today the clouds, marine layer, and fog all coalesced to create a Seattle or Bay Area-like environment.

Maybe that's what led to my family's unusually lazy day in the house. Typically when we are in San Clemente everyone in the family does his or her own thing, and spends a good part of it outside. Instead today we stayed inside all day, in our pajamas for most of the day (or in my mom's case--all day) and played Wii/Wii Fit games, watched two movies, and ate foods like sunny-side up eggs and tomato soup. It feltl like we had an all-day rainy day, the kind you have in elementary school.
And as usual, I won bowling with my lob throwing style. My uncle (3rd place), who was visiting for the past few days, filled in for my brother as the fourth member of the family.

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oh but you forgot this one.

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