Saturday, January 31, 2009

Frugal Foodies

Asians are known as being . . . frugal people. While that may have had negative connotations before, there is nothing more trendy now in our economic situation than spending wisely.

Today Alex and I went to the Eden Center (aka Little Saigon of the East) because he loves Vietnamese food for a good deal. We had already eaten lunch, but if we had not, we could have probably spent $15 for a filling meal. Instead, Alex got his Durian Smoothie and loaded up on frozen Asian food for home, like bbq pork buns. I bought a sandwich to take home for dinner. For $3.25, I got a toasty baguette filled with roasted chicken and vegetables. Much better than any Subway deal.

While we were out, I also got the ingredients to make Chicken Cilantro Wontons for a Superbowl Party I am going to for around $8. Folding 50 wontons may have taken some time, but that's what Asian work ethic is for.

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