Saturday, January 17, 2009

Calm Before the Storm

Inauguration Countdown: Three Days

If you tired of inauguration coverage, you can just bear with me for a few more days. A lot of friends and family outside of DC have asked me about the occassion or to be their "own correspondent on the ground;" and of course I want my own record of being in DC for this event.

Today was eerily quiet. I am camping-out at Alex's apartment in Foggy Bottom, just a few blocks away from the White House and Mall. At first I was worried about metro'ing in with my bags but the metro was surprisingly emptier than most weekends. This might be a culmination of people not arriving yet, the increased number of trains, and decreased number of DC residents out, because it did seem like all the people I rode with were tourists. I think all of the media coverage about the millions of people coming in scared away all the tourist-phobic DC'ers into going out of town or just staying home all weekend.

Even though it was quieter than usual today, you can still feel the excitement and see inauguration stuff everywhere. Everyone is talking about which celebrities will be where ("Oprah's across the street at the Kennedy Center!") and which ball is where. The picture to the left is the line of people waiting just to buy the Obama commemorative SmarTrip card. [photo courtesy of DCist]

Tomorrow will be the real test of how many people are actually here. My friends and I are headed out the big We Are One Concert out at the Lincoln Memorial. Wish me luck with the crowds and cold (I packed thermals, wool socks and sweaters, snow boots and gloves, a beanie, and two jackets).

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