Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Whole Enchilada

Something I learned since moving to DC is that East Coasters love Tex-Mex restaurants. The largest and most consistently crowded restaurants in DC are Tex-Mex, which is funny because most of them are mediocre and overpriced. It's funny how the food can be equally greasy and dry, too salty and bland, heavy but unsatisfying. I hate to be a California food snob about the subject, but I would rather go to Baja Fresh, California Tortilla (not a CA chain), or even Chipotle. Even Trader Joe's $2.50 enchiladas are better than what is served in most restaurants.

The best Tex-Mex option, however, is cooking it at home. I know that all food is usually better, healthier, and cheaper at home, but I think this is especially true with Mexican/Tex-Mex. My friend made some carne asada tacos with fresh ingredients for Cinco de Mayo which were excellent.

And last night, I managed to cook a fiesta for Alex's staff that got rave reviews (not to brag). Here was the menu that I made last night, feeding 20 people for $60:
-Chicken and cheese enchiladas
-Spanish Rice
-Roasted Corn, Blackbean, and Red Pepper Salad
-Chips & Salsa

Maybe I should just open up a Tex-Mex catering company in DC next semester since I'm only taking two classes.

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