Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Miracle

Between the dreary weather, frustrations of my clinic case, and unsuccessful holiday shopping the day before I was in a bit of a cranky mood-- Alex even called me Scrooge. Then I had my own Christmas Carol.

Things were already turning around this morning as we went to Target, the happiest place on earth. We also went grocery shopping for the party Alex was hosting (and I was cooking for). As we were carrying in all this stuff, apparently I dropped my wallet outside Alex's building.

Hours went by and I did not even realize that I was missing my wallet. Then I went online at 3:58pm and found a facebook message from a GW student who had found it. She said she was leaving at 4:00pm and if she didn't get a hold of me she would turn it into UPD. I called her right away, no answer. I called a few minutes later and she said I had barely missed her and that she was at Union Station- en route to flying back to Seattle. Since UPD was closed, she took my wallter with her and said she could overnight it as soon as she got to Seattle, which was very nice but I needed my wallet to fly to California tomorrow. Trying not to panic, I asked her if she could leave it with the police there. She said she just passed a police booth and would.

Alex said he would drive me when he was done with work but I wanted to get my wallet as soon as possible, so I ran to the metro with two dollars that he gave me for fare. When I got there, a nice police man directed me to their booth, at which the officer there directed me to lost and found. I made it there 5 minutes before it closed and there was my wallet, everything in tact. And now I can fly home to California, hopefully without a hitch.

Moral of the story: There are still good samaritans who go out of their way to help you, police officers are very helpful, don't wait to get things in life- you never know when people are going to leave or things close, and facebook is actually useful.

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