Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Instead of studying for my Evidence final this morning, I read all about the Illinois Governor Corruption Scandal. The whole situation seems so unremarkable, you would not believe it if it came out of a movie or even post-1920s. Trying to sell off the Presdient-Elect's Senate seat, attempting to extort the Chicago Tribune, soliciting millions of dollars from businesses, and more.

All this from a guy who thought he had a chance of President in 2016 even though he has 14% approval ratings, and from a guy ran on reform after the former governor, George Ryan, was indicted on corruption. So bad and delusional. He's like William Jefferson, Ted Stevens, and Larry Craig all put together.

I love following the play-by-play news stories, the interactive graphs tracing the wrongdoing, and the legal analysis of what happens to Obama's seat.

I always get so easily immersed in stories of government corruption, crime and punishment, deceit, etc. Maybe it was reading too may Agatha Christie novels as a kid or watching too much Law & Order. If you're the same, I highly recommend the LA Times' mini-series on an Aryan Brotherhood Leader and his lawyer-wife. Fascinating story in a 3-part installment (still waiting on the last).

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