Friday, November 21, 2008

Law School or Senior Center?

I am pretty sure the average age of a law school student is 25 going on 65. Between the physical ailments (bad eyesight from reading to back aches from carrying too many books and your laptop) to needing peace and quiet, it is only a matter of time before we start yelling at kids to get off our lawn.

Alex calls me an old lady. And while I know I have always been an old soul, at least now I have company. A convo with one of my friends from school:
So i got my hair cut today. Not anything drastic at all, but i was kind of jealous of the people getting really funky cuts and dying their hair bright red and magenta . . .
Me: do it VC!
VC: ... bc if i did that i prob wouldnt get a job [note: VC already has a great job lined up so I have no idea what she's worried]. I dyed my hair purple before . . . at [my old job] things were more tolerable since it was still a little artsy. Used to use blue mascara.....but now I'm old and responsible and am a future attorney. I'm gray.
Me: How sad. We're old complaining about the noise in the library and about young'uns [undergrads] on the bus.
VC: and the noise in the shuttle. haha. Yeah... sigh
Me: JK didn't want to school because her bag would hurt her back
VC: and CM plays bridge
Me: man, time to ship us off to the nursing home
VC: Seriously
Note: I just realized that one of my good friends, who also happens to be in law school, had sent me an invitation to join a group AARP-Youth Chapter. Part of the description:
We may look youthful and fancy-free, but deep inside each of us is an aged grandparent ready to bust out the Aspercreme and brew a pot of tea. So true.

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Lauren said...

I'm convinced that law school is a retirement home for the old at heart.