Thursday, November 20, 2008

Generation Bravo

I remember when Bravo used to be the channel that just played Circus du Soleil videos. Now it is home of what is, in my opinion, the best and/or addicting reality shows on television: Top Chef (love Tom), Project Runway (love Tim), Real Housewives of OC/Atlanta (Team Nene), The Rachel Zoe Project (love Brad), etc.

While Bravo is one of the most recognizable brands amongst gays, I was surprised to discover so many hetereosexual males are fans of these shows. While my friend and I were talking about the Project Runway finale, a guy in my Evidence Class turned around and said, "Korto was lucky to make it into the finale, and I say that as a Korto fan." Today in the journal office, another guy asked why Lisa was going to fight Kim in the Housewives of Atlanta finale while another guy said, "I am totally on Team Nene, Sheree's so mean and Kim's just stupid."

Bravo, the channel that bonds us all. And now that they play West Wing and Law & Order reruns, I really don't need any other.

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