Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trial Tales, Part Deux

My second appearance in court turned out well, at least in the opinion of my clinic partner and I. We got a fair, and what we think, the best result for our client. Unfortunately he is not very happy, but I am hoping once his emotions subside from going up against his wife, he will be ok.

Going to District Court in Maryland was certainly an interesting experience. Much more chaotic and less glamorous than Circuit Court, which is where I went to last time. Following around the paper signs, we got to our courtroom and waited over two hours for our case to be finally called. Bored out of my mind watching motions and mini-cases, this was my inner monologue while waiting from 1pm-3pm:

I wonder if courts order their benches from the same place that churches order pews? These seats are uncomfortable.
I am really hungry . . . the only thing I have eaten all day is a piece of pumpkin bread.
Is our bailiff asleep? He looks like he's 90 years old. If our client's wife attacked us, we are so screwed.
I think our supervisor is asleep too. I really need a nap after staying up late looking at cases.
These people are all crazy, and representing themselves, this could get really ugly.
OK, don't be like that Plaintiff and piss off the judge.

When are they going to call our case?
This is what purgatory must feel like.
I would hate to be a Geico attorney who had to sit in court all day. She also has a terrible suit jacket.
Who would sue Costco, I love Costco.
Mm, Costco samples. I'm so hungry. I can see food outside but I can't leave in case they call our case.
Yay they finally called our case!

Lessons learned from hearing two: Be prepared to wait, bring food, and bring something to do.

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