Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trial and Tribulation, Part Deux

So I found out this morning that one of my clients has a hearing tomorrow. The surprises in litigation never cease.

Even though this is even less notice than the first time I went to court, and even though this hearing could be more substantive than last time around, and even though I know equally as little as then, I am far less nervous. It helps that my partner will be there tomorrow. But I think the biggest reason why I am calmer is because this is not my first time representing a client in court. Amazing how just getting your feet wet once can really help you out mentally.

I guess that is why as crazy as this whole clinical experience has been, it has been worthwhile. I will not be Jack McCoy by the time I graduate, but I will not be who I was a few weeks ago: that nervous new attorney going to court for the first time, who was worried about getting her name right.

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