Saturday, October 11, 2008

Party Planner

While I was setting up a breakfast for 100 law students last year, one of the professors who used to be Department of Justice litigator told me that I should consider litigation because there were many similarities between it and party planning. He mentioned how both positions you require you to be detail oriented, prepared to deal with the unexpected, capable of working with difficult people, and able work under stressful, time-sensitive conditions.

I could definitely see how winning a case is like executing a perfect event. In fact, my excitement about surviving my first day in court was only doubled when the law section party I helped plan went without a hitch. The food, venue, turnout, weather, etc was absolutely perfect. When everything falls into place, it's such a big adrenaline rush.

Before law school, I considered getting a degree and pursuing a job that put more of my event-planning skills to use. Working advance or another position for a political campaign, getting an MBA or MPA (Masters in Public Administration), etc. But I realized that while I could be a lawyer and plan events on the side, it would be hard to be an event planner and practice law in my spare time.

So I guess it all worked out. Now I learn the law and get paid to plan social activities. And soon I will be a lawyer, and will probably find a way to put my bossiness to work-- whether it's putting together an office holiday party or commandeering the PTA.

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