Sunday, October 12, 2008

Commercial Jingles

Last night at dinner, we were talking about commercials that we loved and hate. I realized that what makes or breaks most of them for me is the music that goes along with them. People love Target and iPod commercials because they pair catchy music with vivid imagery.

Below are some the commercials that evoke strong emotions out of my roommate and I. They can make us smile or yell at the tv. Before you think we are crazy, I found this blog written by an Ad School student who agreed on point with the commercials we loathe. I felt so validated. There were also many people who agreed on

Thumbs Up

Winner: Mastercard's "We Want the Funk." Cute kids + dancing + fun song = gold.

Runner Up: Swiffer's "Baby Come Back." If you do a cheesy commercial, you have to commit. Although the original Swiffer commercial was great, we like this mariachi band version even more.

Thumbs Down

My least favorite: Zyrtec's "Time in a Bottle." It is never good to start your commercial with a question that most people cannot answer. Remember that song "Time in a Bottle"? No, I do not!

My Roommate's least favorite: Secret's "Get 'em Up." Though the song is not horrible, you cannot have annoying actresses doing obnoxious things to sell a product.

(could not find a youtube clip, sorry)


faithsalutes said...

Get em up is the worst commercial of our day. I HATE IT!

Shons said...
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Roomie said...

Im glad Faith feels the same way I do. That song incites so much anger. But at the same time, it brings people together in mutual hate for which may be the worst commercial ever.

Lauren said...

That stupid Secret commercial makes me want to scream every time I see it. Ugh.