Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Say No

I still have not submitted my absentee ballot yet because I am not sure about the propositions. The only one I am really undecided about is the proposition regarding a high speed rail from Southern California to Northern California. While it would be great for the environment (no 6+ hour drives or wasteful plane trips), a blessing for my family because we span the state, and helpful to tourism, the big question is always about how this would all be financed. My knowledge of bonds is limited to what I learned building cities on the Sim City game (which is very little). CA friends, tell me why this is good or bad.

As for the rest of the propositions, I am voting no and urge others to do the same. If there is one thing I am more adamant about than people voting for Obama-Biden, it's voting no on propositions they know little, or are even on the fence about.

While propositions may support things that all sound great by themselves, they are often costly endeavors that make California's budget even more of wreck than it already is. Many propositions are also much more complicated issues than can be presented on a commercial or mailer. Call me elitist, but I am not a big believer in direct democracy.

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