Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Silent Majority

Over the past two days, I put together panels for first year students. I overhead some students complaining about the food, the timing, and other non-complainable things. I just wanted ask them how ungrateful they could be. If you don't like the free food we give you, don't take it! Talk about biting the hand who feeds them.

However, after talking to some 1Ls today and having so many thank us after the panel, I have to remember that while there may be a few especially obnoxious students, they are a vocal minority. The majority of the 1Ls are perfectly nice people.

The same principle applies when judging all groups of people; but I often forget and let one person unfairly represent an entire group. During this election cycle, I am trying to remind myself that the conservative (and liberal) commentary that bothers me the most come from the extreme ends. They don't represent whawt most people think, they just shout the loudest.

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