Friday, September 26, 2008

The Great Debate?

No post-debate analysis from me because I have no profound thoughts and I am clearly biased. The debate was also pretty uneventful; my favorite part was probably watching with my friends who I was gchatting/AIMing all have the same responses. "He said my friends again, he said POW again."

So instead, I love useless information, so here are some interesting facts I learned from coverage before, during, and after the debate:
  • I am as tall, or taller than John McCain, and Alex is the same height as Obama.
  • Speaking of height, North Koreans are 3 inches shorter than their South Korean counterparts. Oddly enough, I knew this fact before McCain brought it up.
  • John McCain twice said that he wouldn't win Miss Congeniality, but his running mate Sarah Palin actually did. (No, I am serious)
  • Barack Obama wore a flag lapel. That means he loves America.
  • Both McCain and Obama have bracelets. I do not wear them, does that mean I am not qualified to be President?
In all seriousness, moderator Jim Lehrer did a good job of letting candidates going back and forth, answering and challenging each other's responses. Whether what they say is true is another thing. If you missed it, I would encourage you to read a transcript and the fact checking that some of the news bureaus are starting to do.

I cannot wait for the VP debate on Thursday.

[Photo courtesy of the NYT]

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