Saturday, September 27, 2008

Boring is not Bad

Way back when, I said that I did not mind the YouTube primary debates, nor did I mind the stage being crowded with ten people even if it meant that the frontrunners got to talk less. That was fine then, but now that we are down to our two nominees, I do not expect a flashy debate. A lot of people thought it was boring, but I am not sure what people expected out of this. If you want entertainment, there's plenty of other television programming on.

Are our attention spans so short that we need silly questions like: What do you dislike the most about America? Say one nice thing the person standing next to you? Would you want Bill Clinton back in the White House? Have we been so overloaded by technology that we always need video clips? Are we so lazy that we will just decide winners and losers, or even who we will vote for, by who stumbles or misses a gotcha-question.

As much as both candidates tried to dodge questions or exaggerate answers, this was the most substantive debate I have seen in a while. That is because people actually had to explain answers and could not just rely on waiting out a thirty second time limit that was used in previous debates. And if substance means boring, I am ok with it.

Wow, I sound incredibly idealistic and I haven't even watched West Wing in a while.

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faithsalutes said...

I was on the road working on my Prop campaign, but I heard it was boring...from both sides of the aisle. I also think people are BURNT OUT!