Monday, September 22, 2008

N8: Love and Hate

I hardly ever rode the bus in California because public transportation hardly exists there. So it's become an adjustment to ride the little metrobus (yes, I ride the 'shortbus') everyday to school. For the most part, my route the N8 to school is pretty reliable. I can also thank our bus line and our waits at the bus stops for introducing me to some of my best friends in law school.

But then there are days like today. Where our bus comes 25 minutes late. And it is crowded because it is late. And our driver gets lost! Instead of turning into the circle we usually do, we went totally off-track because it was our driver's first time driving the route. He actually said "alright, help me out . . . this is my first time." Fortunately one of the law students riding the bus took charge, stood by the driver, and directed him through the entire way.

I was not as mad as some people because I wasn't late to class and I thought it was actually funny. I also found out later that he was a last minute fill-in for another driver who got really sick. This might just beat out the time the bus started smoking and smelling like gas, and we all jumped out and walked the rest of the way to school.

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