Sunday, September 21, 2008

Family Values

Some of my Democratic friends have been a little unnerved by the latest polling numbers, showing Obama and McCain in a dead heat. I remained unfazed, at least I convinced myself not to worry. Polls are not accurate- especially this time around when young people without landlines hopefully will turn out to vote. The Palin bounce will fade. And look at how many donors Obama has! This has been my inner monologue.

But then my mom told me that my grandma thought that Obama was Muslim, and for the first time I worried. My grandma is a smart woman who has access to information (she even reads this blog, hi grandma! happy belated birthday!) and many politically-inclined family members. How did she believe this? How many people out there are just like this?

I never understood how other people could believe misinformation like this, but in my own family? I feel as though I failed as a granddaughter with a political science degree and was the former President of the Bruin Democrats. I try not to protheletize too much, especially to family members in non-swing states, but I cannot let these lies perpetuate. I remember how frustrating it felt when I ran for student government and the other side stated that I was an anti-union neoconservative who would cut all funding for cultural groups because I was a race traitor.

I honestly do not care if someone votes Republican based on facts and simply have different priorities (well, I do mind but I will respect that choice), but if we lose because people think Obama is a Muslim who performs terrorist fist jabs . . . I do not even want to try to complete that sentence.

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