Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Momma

When I grow up, I want to be Michelle Obama. Intelligent, poised, family-oriented, ambitious, opinionated, altruistic, and sassy.

I have always liked Michelle Obama, but now I love her. The campaign really did a great job introducing Michelle and her story. I know I learned a great deal like about her dad's MS, how she was always concerned about the kids being picked on at school, how she left a big firm to come back to the South Side of Chicago, how she sent up the University of Chicago's community service center, how she kept saying no when Barack asked her out on dates, or how she likes to play scrabble.

I think tonight was especially moving because the way Michelle framed her and Barack's lives related so closely to so many people. Hearing about how Michelle got to live the American Dream thanks to hardworking parents and a college education reminded me so much of my own mom's life. She gave a great speech and you could tell everyone in that room had tears welling up in their eyes. If you did not get to see it, I highly recommend that you check out the videos (Senator Ted Kennedy's speech was also great, and very emotional).

Though I hope for some more "red meat" in the following days, I think today was a good start and very feel-good.

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