Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today a 5.4 earthquake hit in the middle of the day. Though it was centered in Chino Hills, we could feel it 130 miles away in Santa Barbara. It was a long and rolling and lasted for at least 10 seconds. I loved how my boss was on the phone with someone on Encino and the the person said "wait one second, I think we're having an earthquake," and then a few seconds later we could feel it.

Even though it did not cause any structural damage or injuries, I feel really bad for those people taking the first day of the California Bar Exam. I know they tell you to be prepared for anything but here is a report that one test-taker posted on Above the Law:
Some pieces of the chandeliers on the ballroom fell. Some people freaked out, others kept typing. Some got under their desks. Most (myself included) sat and stared. Proctors just said to stay calm.

They did not stop the test or give us extra time even through we all lost about 5 minutes (except the crazy gunners who kept typing).

Wildfires, check. Earthquake, check. Celebrity in the office today, check. I think my California summer is complete. I am just hoping "the big one" does not hit while I am here-- or while I am taking the bar exam next year.

Photo courtesy of LAT

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