Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adios IV

Tonight is my last night in Isla Vista, and not surprisingly, I am not shedding a tear. It has not been a horrible experience. The weather was great, I had my own room, and between the drunken Irish exchange students and watching the area deal with the blackouts from the fires, I have come away with good stories. Plus my rent was dirt cheap.

But it made me glad that I am not back in college or around the partying environment. I frankly don't care if people get wasted every single day of the week, it was just the complete lack of respect that bothered me the most. Leaving tons of trash around the complex for the maintence crew to clean up. Throwing people's bikes in the pool. Blasting music until the wee hours of the morning. Destroying other people's property. I really hate when people use alcohol as an excuse for making mistakes that they expect others to clean up.

I really look forward to going home for a few weeks and then going back to DC. I also think it will make me appreciate my DC apartment even more--great roommie, clean, cookies in the lobby on Fridays, funny old women, cute toddlers, the doorman, and most importantly- peace and quiet when I want it. I am so old.

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