Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blast From the Past

Coming back to Santa Clarita always brings back memories from growing up, but this weekend was especially the case.

On the train ride hide home this weekend, I edited law review articles and Ace of Base came up on my iPod. Ace of Base always conjures up memories of elementary school sleepovers. It also makes editing papers far more enjoyable.

Since we have family from France coming in soon, I decided to tidy up my room. Then I decided to go into full cleaning mode and throw out stuff neatly piled in drawers and on shelves. I found so much stuff like my notecards from my third grade book report on Sandra Day O'Connor, my AP Government notes, a huge stack of Seventeen magazines, and articles I wrote for my high school newspaper The Smoke Signal (we were the Indians; have to love the political incorrectness). It is interesting what we choose to keep.

And finally, I went to the wedding shower for a friend I have known since seventh grade. From junior high group projects, to our AP Calc 'study' group (we really just played Trivial Pursuit), to being church group youth leaders, to being two of the few girls on the robotics team, and now to her getting married.

I leave you with the second best Swedish pop group, the first being ABBA of course. Yes, Ace of Base's I Saw the Sign.

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