Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chefing

Since I have many friends who are as anxious about tomorrow's Top Chef finale as I am, I thought I would put together some rankings. Yes, I have too much time on my hands, but I am avoiding doing other things right now.

Favorite Top Chefs (Name/Season)
  1. Harold (S1): Set the bar of how all top chef's should be: talented, humble, and a leader to other cooks.
  2. Hung (S3): Probably the most skilled chefs in the series. Could be a jerk but backed it up. Plus I think it was mostly an act since he never had problems in group challenges. (Bonus points for representing Vietnamese-Americans)
  3. Casey (S3): Food always looked great and she always set a positive tone in the kitchen.
  4. Stephanie (S4): See Casey (here's to hoping she does not falter in the finale like Casey)
  5. LeAnne (S1): The first female chef who demonstrated that you could get far in the male-dominated cooking world without being a jerk.
  6. Sam (S2): Should have won instead of Ilan.
  7. Dale T. (S4): His Asian-influenced food always looked so good. Another person cut well before his time.
  8. Richard (S4): His food appears really innovative and his nerdy sense of humor has really grown on me.
  9. Tre (S3): Gotta have passion. Wish he was in the Season 3 finale instead of Dale L.
  10. CJ (S3)/Antonio (S4): Yes I'm cheating so I can squeeze an eleventh in but I like them both for the same reason: funny commentary, California pride, and cut before someone less talented got by.
Least Favorite
  1. Lisa (S4): Horrible attitude with many bad dishes that have landed her in the bottom. She should not be in the finals.
  2. Emily (S2): I almost forgot about her until I went to wiki to see all the contestants. She was the one with the nasty personality who condescendingly blamed people's weight and unrefined palattes when they didn't like her food.
  3. Dale L. (S3): Biggest whiner. Disliked him even more after his incomprehensible blog about Richard.
  4. Howie (S3): Just a bully who sweat into all his food. Very gross.
  5. Micah (S3): Another one with a sour attitude.

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