Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Advocate for Me

For the past day I have been dealing with some less than pleasant roommate/subletting issues. Having lived with great roommates for the past five years, I got spoiled. But now I remember what it's like dealing with someone difficult in an area that is supposed to be your sanctuary.

As my dad pointed out, this is like a test-- a lawyer test. I have to be able to stand my ground. It's funny how I can be such a zealous advocate for real and imaginary clients, but when it comes to confronting people in my own life, I can fold pretty easily.

Part of the reason why I am drawn to the law is the ability to help other people and I like examining all sides of the issue. However, I sometimes think I have a blind spot for helping myself and looking at issues from my point of view. When it comes between me v. someone else, I can be easily persuaded onto their side because I want to help them. I feel bad for them, even at times when I should not.

I need to find a balance, because eventually the law is going to eat me alive if I cannot hold my own ground or become too emotionally invested in the other side. My goal in this situation is to represent myself with the fight that I would represent anyone else. I have to live up to my law school nickname of the Hurricane.

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