Monday, June 30, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Here are some pictures I took from up at a cabin along the Big Sur Coast. The rest are at my Flickr account and Facebook.

Granted, I am not much of an outdoorsy girl. I hid under the covers while I forced Alex to kill a spider on the cabin ceiling, got seasick when out on the ocean on a raft, and pouted when I tripped into a stream during a hike. Nonetheless, I had a great time with Alex and his family.

View from the Cabin
The Men and Their Fish (totally grossed me out)
View of the Big Sur CoastLos Padres National ForestBig Smiles for VacationBattling it out with Alex's dad after knocking out for of the boysJENGA! We also played a lot of my personal favorite: spoons.
Alex with Danielle and Adam (two of his four siblings)Limekiln Falls

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