Saturday, April 26, 2008

Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am one of those people who is easily motivated by the carrot on the stick. Show me a reward, and I will work for it. Sometimes it is as easy as telling myself that I can watch an hour of tv if I finish my outline. Other times, it is scheduling activities or reminding myself that I have a lot to look forward to once I get through this next week. My month of motivation:
  • 6 days until I am done with finals, minus a paper that just needs to be revised
  • 7 days until I get to check out the new Nationals stadium with my friends
  • 9 days until I get to go back to the General Counsel's Office (where I actually love working) and will be getting paid for a few weeks (which makes it even better)
  • 13 days until the General Counsel's Office's Spring Party
  • 15 days until dinner with the new Dean's Fellows
  • 16 days until dinner with the graduating Dean's Fellows
  • 17 days until my three year anniversary with Alex
  • 19 days until Women Bar Association's Woman Lawyer of the Year Soiree
  • 26 days until I am back in sunny California
  • 29 days until my brother graduates from college
  • 31 days until I move into my summer apartment four blocks from the beach
  • 32 days until I start my job in Santa Barbara

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