Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Fighting for Fish Tacos

One Friday during Lent, Alex and I decided to grab lunch at California Tortilla because I remembered that they had fish tacos. When I looked at the menu, I tragically discovered that the fish tacos were a previous month's special rather than a staple.

Being the proactive citizen that I am, I went home and emailed California Tortilla. Even though it is a chain, California Tortilla goes out of its way to be Mom and Pop-ish-- sending out funny monthly newsletters, doing crazy promotions (ie: make an animal noise on Wednesdays, get free chips and salsa), and encouraging feedback. Therefore, I was surprised and saddened when I did not get a response from Pam, the taco lady.

Then this morning, I open up my inbox to find a Taco Talk newsletter reporting:
You called. You emailed. You hung out of buildings and screamed. You did whatever it took to make it happen (see last entry of previous column) and now all of your efforts are paying off: Fish tacos are back!
Victory! Now if only our elected officials were this responsive to constituent letters.

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Helen said...

seriously! this is a great story. you give me hope for humanity as i am on hold with direct tv...