Monday, March 31, 2008

San Antonio, Here We Come

My last name has practically become an adjective with my friends and Alex. Doans are doers. Doans are planners. Doans are winners. What Doans are not are spontaneous people, unless you are talking about my brother.

So I think a lot of people were surprised when I decided last Saturday that I wanted to go to the Final Four in San Antonio in a week. In part it was a spontaneous decision, encouraged my by roommate and some other friends. Surprising to many is that Alex did not push this issue at all.

However, I did think about a lot of things, even within a short period of deciding. I always need to rationalize my decisions, both before and after. Here's what goes through my head:
  • I missed my opportunity to go last year because of oral arguments.
  • I have a lot of faith in UCLA basketball, but I do not know when they would make it into the Final Four again.
  • I only have two in-class finals this semester, am 85% done with my paper for my seminar, and am not behind in my reading. (Plus, I really do not want to go to Wills, Trusts & Estates on Monday.)
  • This may be the only time I will be able to see Kevin Love play as a Bruin.
  • This is a historic Final Four with all number 1 seeds.
  • Austin (where we are flying in) and San Antonio are fun, and I have never been in Texas without counting the airports.
  • This will be an early anniversary trip for Alex and I, which will be especially nice since we will be separated this summer.
  • I think I am getting a stimulus check. And even if not, I will actually have an income and cheap rent this summer.
  • We will be able to see a lot of our friends from UCLA.
  • Without class on Fridays, a real job, or major responsibilities like a family, I can be a little spontaneous . . . or at least look like it.
So that is it. Today I bought our plane tickets and our friends procured a nice hotel with their bonus points. No turning back now.

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