Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Honestly, I have grown tired of this Presidential election and have not been reading in-depth about the continual fighting. However, as I was reading a food blog, I came across the New York Time's article, Family Recipes, Passed Down From One Site to Another. Farfallegate, as it has now been named, is about how McCain's website plagiarized Food Network and Quaker Oats by calling the recipes Cindy Mccain's or McCain Family Recipes.

I find the whole debacle amusing. I give Cindy McCain the benefit of the doubt that she would not actually pass these articles off as her own . . . even if she did go to USC. It probably was, as the McCain camp stated, an intern who copied these recipes down verbatim. Accordingly, I do not think that this is a big deal. Why the farfalle or chocolate chip cookie recipes of potential First Ladies matter is beyond me, but we have judged Presidential candidates on stupider premises, so I am not surprised.

Yet I do wonder whether this would have been a bigger deal had it looked like the wife of a Democratic candidate had plagiarized recipes. I think so.

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