Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where History Happens

One of my favorite parts about DC is going to everyday places where famous events occurred. I have dined at the Yenching Palace down the street, where diplomats negotiated the Cuban Missile Crisis. Frequented Billy Martin's Tavern, where JFK proposed to Jackie O (Nixon, Truman, and LBJ were regulars too). Attended services at St. Matthew's Cathedral, where JFK Jr. saluted his father's coffin. Ate at the Corner Bakery, where Newt Gingrich...well buys his lunch every other day.

So while I was walking down Connecticut Avenue, waiting to meet Alex for happy hour, I was trying to figure out why there so many news cameras outside the Mayflower Hotel. Was a famous diplomat in town? Or was this just where the manhole exploded last night? Nope, and nope.

In addition to learning that the Mayflower Hotel is where FDR worked on his "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" inaugural speech, and where President Harry Truman lived for 90 days during White House rennovations, I learned that the Mayflower Hotel is where Governor Spitzer met his $1000 per hour call-girl.

Famous, and infamous, landmarks on every corner. I love DC.

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