Sunday, March 02, 2008

Pants on Fire

Many people have seen the clip of Fox's new show, Moment of Truth, where a woman ruins her marriage by telling the truth. The creator of the show has made his rounds on the cable television news networks, explaining that he created this show to bring honesty back to America. Though I rolled my eyes and was naturally skeptical of any person who creates a reality show for Fox, I could at least agree that there is a lot of lying going on. I do not know why lawyers and politicians get so much flack for lying when it happens frequently in all professions.

Recently, a Florida newspaper exposed how Food Network Chef Robert Irvine (of Dinner Impossible) lied about his resume. (article here). He has lied about being a knight, working on Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding cake, where he attended school, and more.

When asked if he served presidents and heads of state, as several of his biographies have claimed, Irvine said, "I can't talk about it because it's the White House." Yeah, that is the most ridiculous invocation of 'state secrets' I have heard about, and that's telling in this administration. FYI: White House Executive Chef Walter Schieb responded by saying, "Irvine's only connection with the White House is through the Navy Mess facility in the West Wing ... never in the period from 4/4/94 until 2/4/05 did he have anything to do with the preparation, planning, or service of any State Dinner or any other White House Executive Residence food function, public or private."

I am not shedding a tear that his contract was not renewed. I always thought he was a jerk and he was probably my least favorite tv chef (even behind Rachel Ray). Moreover, I think I am becoming less sympathetic after dealing with a university employee at my job who is lying in his lawsuit and reading about liars in my ethics class. Liars, liars, everywhere.

Anyway, in response to the Moment of Truth creator: I do not know if you can bring honesty back if it has never fully been there. I really do not think that people lie more than they ever did, technology has just made it easier to expose the lies.


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