Thursday, February 28, 2008


Tonight, my friends end I attended Law Revue- the comedy and musical all about law school. Highlights of the performance (which will only make sense to law students, especially at my school):
  • Library Tango (to the tune of Chicago's Cellblock Tango). I especially like how the opening listed the names of our printers. Yes, our printers are named
  • The misery of Short Write-On during Spring Break
  • The dancing Bluebook
  • Professor Vaughn, one of my favorite professors, doing a headstand
  • Law students competing to see who's life sucks more
  • The Professor Rice v. Professor Ventry dynamic
The show reminded me how law school is like one big club- no matter where you go. Throughout February, a few of my friends visited DC. They were all law students, from different schools across the country. Yet when we came together, we spoke in our own language about the same kind of situations. We all deal with gunners, hate legal rhetoric, and have strong preferences for Lexis or Westlaw. I felt bad for the other non-law school friends we were hanging out with. I hope we become more normal after law school.

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