Thursday, January 17, 2008

Too Close To Call

Not that I would base my vote on a silly internet quiz. Nor can I vote for half the people on this list because half the Democrats have dropped out, and I cannot vote in the Republican primary. However, the quiz does show how close all the Democrats are policy wise. Still trying to decide...

89% Chris Dodd
86% Barack Obama
85% Bill Richardson
83% Hillary Clinton
81% John Edwards
79% Joe Biden
73% Dennis Kucinich
72% Mike Gravel
54% Rudy Giuliani
48% John McCain
35% Mitt Romney
33% Mike Huckabee
31% Ron Paul
27% Tom Tancredo
19% Fred Thompson

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

1 comment:

Chandana said...

93%Hillary Clinton
93%Barack Obama
91%John Edwards
89%Chris Dodd
82%Bill Richardson
79%Joe Biden
71%Mike Gravel
71%Dennis Kucinich "The Kus"
55%Rudy Giuliani
43%John McCain
36%Mitt Romney
36%Tom Tancredo
34%Mike Huckabee
21%Fred Thompson
12%Ron Paul

Now what do I do?