Friday, January 11, 2008

Kite Running

After going to Mon Ami Gabi for lunch today to beat the rainy day/first week blues with some pommes frites, my friends and I went to see the Kite Runner. Although everyone knew that it would be difficult for the movie to live up to the book, I still enjoyed the movie.

Even though most of the times it is better to use one's imagination when reading a story, I liked seeing the movie's images of Afghanistan before and during the Taliban control. I watched in awe as the landscape changed from bustling markets to barren streets; where entertainment changed from kite flying to public stonings during the half time of soccer games.

It was not easy to watch the transformation, but I think it was important to see. As much news as I read, I feel like I know so little about the country we are at war with (in fact, they announced this week that we are sending 3,000 more Marines there).

And if anything, you should watch this movies because the two actors who play the younger characters are adorable.
I am glad that they are safe now.

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