Saturday, January 12, 2008

Be Cool About Fire Safety

This week I found out that there was a fire in my building while I was in California, and a resident died. They did not release much information about exactly what happened, but just the fact that someone died sent chills up my spine.

Reading this, my parents are probably concerned about their one and only daughter. Fortunately, I know that the fire alarms in my building work very well. Just a tiny bit of smoke from some cooking blunders have triggered the alarm in my apartment several times. Moreover, the alarm went off in the building this morning, and it was loud enough to wake me from my peaceful slumber. I do not know if it was a drill or something real, but I now know where the stairwells are and can get out pretty quickly.

Sorry for such a downer subject on a weekend. However, I just want to make sure everyone knows that their fire alarms work and how to get out, especially my friends who have recently moved into new apartments.

Plus, I get to post this trip down memory lane. A fire safety video with Little Richard and a young Lindsey Lohan!

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