Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary or Obama, Part II

So back to the question at hand: Hillary or Obama? In my own politician-way, I've dodged the question. I have preferences but honestly I haven't read enough about anyone to make a committment. Even if California moves up their primary, I still have over a year to figure things out.

-Me, 1/20/07
After complaining that the Democratic nominee would probably be chosen before I get to vote, Obama wins Iowa, Hillary wins New Hampshire, Super Duper Tuesday (when me, California, and 23 other states vote) becomes relevant, and I finally have to make the decision that I have been putting off.

Despite reading copious amounts of material on both candidates since my post last year, I have not decided. Most of my friends have chosen, and my family has taken sides as well-- when I called my mom today I heard my dad and brother arguing over Clinton and Obama (it's not hard to figure out who likes who). But I flip and I flop like a good former Kerry supporter.

With their policies being so similar, my decision making has mostly come down to personality and electability. I relate more to Hillary's type of personality. The work-horse who usually wins people over with experience and smarts rather than crowd-rallying skills or ebullient charisma (oh UCLA VP election flashbacks and the hate IMs I received). Yes, I even broke down in tears one day on the campaign trail and confused everyone who knew me as stoic. So I don't doubt those tears.

But I like Obama's vision of unity, and how he can get independents and even Republicans. Back in the day I reached across the aisle and worked with the Bruin Republicans (which helped earn me the title as a 'closet conservative.') I even wrote my law school personal statement about how working with the other side has taught me how to be a more effective advocate.

I guess in the end I would be happy with either because I think both candidates would do a good job. And even if I cannot decide, or even if I don't pick the right horse, I am still in a better decision than my republican friends who feel like they have to pick from the lesser evil on their side.

And no, John Edwards does not register on my radar at all, but I could write a completely separate post on that.


faithsalutes said...

Mormon of Baptist Minister? Help me, help you.

Kristina said...

Baptist Minister :)

Anonymous said...

Faith: Eww, eww, eww, anyone but Baptist minister, He's just a religious John Edwards.

Kristina: As someone else who did the bipartisanship thing, I don't buy Obama's bipartisanship talk. Obama talks a good game about unity and bipartisanship, but does his record actually show that it means anything? The fact that he keeps bringing up that thing with Hagel where they bribed Russia to guard their nukes like they should anyway is a good indication that he doesn't really have much to go on. Also, if he's so good at bipartisanship, why do so many Republicans like me prefer Hillary if a Dem has to win?

-Matt "I-never-deleted-my-BR-google-alert" Knee