Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Caucus Day

I cannot believe that today is finally the Iowa Caucus. Everyone has been waiting months, even (four) years, for this. People have asked me all day, and frequently in the past few months, what I think will happen tonight. With the races being so close in both parties, I have no idea but I am doubly excited to see how the caucuses turn out and how they will influence the next few weeks of the primary.

I do have to say that being a political spectator this time around, I have gained perspective on why people are so cynical about politics. Tonight, a very small percentage of people will have a large influence on how this election plays out. I think I read that only about 5% of Iowans trudge out on the snow to caucus. The percentage may grow this year, but it is still a small number.

The reality is that a Democratic nominee will most likely be chosen even before I, and most of the country, goes to the ballot box. This is why I did not become emotionally invested in a candidate; it would not have made a difference. Without having my vote matter, nor the time or money to help a campaign, everything was out of my hands. And this is how people probably feel all the time about elections and government in general. Helpless.

I am not as jaded as I sound about politics; I still follow it passionately and will probably jump on a campaign this summer. I just wait for the day until someone devises a better plan and people actually have the guts to implement it.

Until that day, in Iowa I trust. Please do not screw up tonight.

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