Monday, January 28, 2008

American Obamaniacs

While I was sitting in Wills, Trusts & Estates, people were lining up to see Senator Ted Kennedy endorse Senator Barack Obama at American University today. Actually, while I was sleeping they were also lining up -- apparently people were at the main campus at 5:30am.

I was sad that I was unable to attend the rally. As I watched the live stream from my office, I remembered how fun all the rallies from 2004 were. Getting to sit in Dukakis' VIP seats to watch John Kerry speak, forming a human chain with Hillary's secret service to protect her from a mob at a campaign fundraiser, seeing Obama at the Boston convention. Oh the good ole days.

But alas, as a good Democrat, I must pay my dues and finish law school. Ted, Barack & Michelle, Hillary & Bill, John & Elizabeth . . . all lawyers.

By the way, our law school is having a Penny Wars contest between the candidates, calling it a Penny Caucus. As of today, Obama had about 7,000 points whereas Hillary had -310. Of course, I still do not know where to put my money, or my vote.

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