Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Wandering

I have often been told that I walk with a purpose and it always seems like I am in a rush to go somewhere. Even if I am not in a hurry to go somewhere, I guess I do appear pre-occupied because I typically have a running dialogue in my head of everything that I need to do.

Today though, I just wandered around the mall and some other stores aimlessly. I bought my first Pinkberry frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries, and just wandered.

I was not looking for anything in particular because I had finished the majority of my Christmas shopping. I had no more lists to cross things off of. I simply enjoyed looking at all the window displays, watching people interact, and playing with all the nifty 'worldy gadgets' at Cost Plus World Market.

It was a very strange feeling, this whole not having a million things to do right now. I still have some job application and journal activities, but I figured that can wait until after Christmas. I am taking my vacation, even if that just means walking around the mall in Santa Clarita.

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