Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dinners with Dad

People always ask me if my parents are involved in politics, and if so, if that is why I got involved in politics. I tell them that my parents are not, but they do follow the news attentively and vote in every election. In fact, I probably got my obsessive news checking tendencies from my dad. Every morning we would watch the morning news and read the LA Times, and at dinner every night we would watch the evening news.

So that is what we talk about, the news. My brother and my dad get to talk about engineering and other manly things, I get to pick my dad's brain about politics. Last night, after my dad picked me up from my flight, we discussed the 2008 election. He is for Hillary, believes Obama is too young, thinks Huckabee will be the Republican nominee, does not trust McCain, and reckons that Iowa is not as important as everyone makes it out to be.

I like getting the perspective of someone who is aware, but is not a junkie like me. I am not really an insider, but I do read blogs, Politico, and Slate. I also live inside the beltway now. Moreover, my dad is the only registered independent in my immediate family, the rest of us are card-carrying Democrats. Therefore, he is arguably more objective than the rest of his flaming liberal family.

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