Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Different World

Today, during my break between class and meetings, I moseyed down the street to the main campus to get my annual health check up. As I was walking through the main campus, I felt like I was in a different world. People were laying on the lawn reading, taking naps, and just chatting with friends. People were sitting in benches reading books for leisure. People were walking like they were not rushing to go somewhere. People were tabling out on the sidewalks. Oh undergrad.

Even though my law school is one of the happier law schools, it isn't this happy. People are sitting around and talking, but you can tell that they are squeezing it in before heading back to the books. We do not sit in the sun, we are pale from being caved up in the library. Which all reminds me why I did not go to law school at UCLA (beside the fact that they didn't accept me): I would hate undergrads.

Since UCLA's law school is on the main campus (whereas at AU, we are seperated) I would hate people tabling on bruinwalk, playing frisbee infront of Royce, doing the crossword on Kerckhoff patio, and having time to go tailgate at the Rosebowl. As a law student, I know I would resent them because I would be jealous of my former life; and that is not the way I want to remember UCLA.

Getting some distance from undergraduate life, both by leaving UCLA and going to a school where the law school is not on main campus, was definitely a good call.

Note: This is not meant to indicate that I hate law school, I actually really like it and had a lot of fun today even though I was on campus from 9am-11pm.

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