Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bump in the Night

I am still somewhat disconcerted with an event that occurred not last night, but the night before. On Sunday night I went to bed with all my lights off. I know, because when Alex called me to say goodnight, I had to look for my phone in the dark. Yet, when I woke up, the light all the way across the room was on. You can only turn on said light by turning a very small nob on the top of it.

Unless I have light gnomes turning on fixtures during the middle of the night, I must have walked across the room in the middle of the night, turned the light on for whatever reason, and walked back to bed. I guess this bothers me because, unlike my brother, I have never been a sleepwalker. Megan told me that I would sometimes wake up, have a short little conversation with her while half asleep and then go back to bed. However, I have never done any physical movement at night that I could not recall in the morning, or at least this is what I thought.

I am the person who likes to be in full control of her motions, hence why I do not drink much (in addition to being the person who does not like to turn red). I am also the person who hates forgetting things. This is a combination of both. But alas, there is really nothing I can do, so I will try not to lose sleep over this.

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Lauren said...

I have conversations with people in my sleep too, and apparently I've taken to getting up in the middle of the night lately and wandering to the kitchen looking for water. I wake up in the morning and find half-empty glasses on my nightstand that weren't there when I went to sleep. You're in good company =D