Saturday, August 25, 2007

Updated Happy List

  • Finally seeing the sun again after it hid for the first week of school.
  • Long dinners and ridiculously funny conversations with friends at Kramer Books Cafe.
  • Filling out a tax withholding form and actually knowing what things mean (thank you tax law).
  • Getting paid to do a really fun job.
  • Talking with my mom on the phone after a long week.
  • Top Model marathons when I'm at the gym.
  • Cooking for friends and boyfriend.
  • Seeing the cute little Japanese kid who lives on the first floor and has a huge head.
  • Having the 1L's in my section recognize me and say hi.
  • Only one week until football season starts.
  • Getting a top locker, finally.
  • Rooftop BBQ's (which I am going to right now).

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